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Vervaet products

Producing quality is the Nr. 1 priority  of Frans Vervaet B.V. You can tell when you have close look  at the Vervaet products.
Started  in 1974 in Biervliet, Netherlands, The Vervaet family developed the first self-propelled tanker beet machine. Over the years we improved the machine so it became more reliable, efficient and effective. Frans Vervaet has always strived to  answer the customers highest requirements.

Slurry Handling

Self-propelled Vervaet machines for slurry handling.

Beet Harvest

Self-propelled Vervaet machines for the harvest of sugar beets and chicory.

Vervaet Rebuild

Rebuild of Vervaet Beet harvesters and Hydro Trikes to new machines with warranty.

Top occasion: Vervaet 617

Gereviseerde 617, in staat van nieuwe. Voorzien van 45-50 verstelling

  • Vervaet 617
  • Year of construction: 2010
  • Price: By request

Lates Vervaet news!

All new innovations at Vervaet.

New warehouse operation
New warehouse operation

The new building (40x70meter) is built next to the current buildings.

Riley Celebrate Major 2012 Beet Demo
Riley Celebrate Major 2012 Beet Demo

J Riley Agri held a major beet demo for the Norfolk/ Suffolk border on Wednesday 11th January at Hall Farm, Knettishall by kind permission of C.G.Davey.

Beet eaters on transport to the clients.
Beet eaters on transport to the clients.

The first new sugarbeetharvesters are deliverd in Oekraïne.


Top quality is our target

Frans Vervaet always focused on delivering high quality machines that meet the highest client expectations.