How it all began...

Frans en Richard Vervaet ,Who grew up between machinery,in a contractor's family,started a small company in 1957 in a rented barn from there father, repairing about everything with an engine inside.Quite soon,they were offered a few dealerships,cousing the company to grow out of its jacket.

Allready in 1960,a new garage was built at the Braakmanlaan 40 in Biervliet (photo 1960)

In 1974 ,Frans , Richard and Tony ,together with Walter and Marcel,the contractors,developped the first 1-stage tankerharvester for sugarbeet ever.
According to the family Vervaet, THE system of the future.
It was quite a revolution at the time,because the machine was more expensive,bigger and more heavy then all the others.
But the one-man operation made up for those dis-advantages.It was the most efficient machine on the market.

Bit by bit,the amount of produced machines per year expended.
In 1987 Frans and Richerd decided to split up the companies because the next generation was coming.
Frans proceeded with the establishment in Biervliet,which included:

1) Mazda Cardealership
2) John Deere Agricultural Equipment
3) Production of sugarbeetharvesters (7 per year than)

A new generation..

The 2nd generation,Edwin and Robin ,both came in the company in 1989.
Frans saw a good future ahead with his boys,which,together with accociate Dany Dieleman , thought of, and developped a self-propelled machine for slurry-injection.

This machine was baptised Vervaet Hydro Trike,and has been market leader in Holland since 1992.
To make room for all these ambitious plans , A new factory of 2700 m2 was built at the borderlines of the village Biervliet.

Around the same time,it became clear to farmers and also competing manufacturers,That Frans Vervaet was right about the 1-stage sugarbeet harvester,18 years ago.
More and more Compatitors began building similar machines.
However,the leading position was never threathened because of the experience ,done up in almost 2 decades.
It actually brought production numbers up.In 1992,15 Sugarbeetharvesters,and 15 Hydro Trikes were built.
To keep up to the increased production level,It was necessary,to find foreign Markets.
They were found in United Kingdom,Belgium,France,Sweden and Denmark.

By entering these markets,another increase of production was desired.
There was a demand for 30 Sugarbeetharvesters and 25 Hydro-Trikes per year.
So again,we had to expand the factory as well…
(1800 m2 in 1996 and 5500 m2 in 2000)

Also the Agricultural Machinary devision expended quite a lot.
This was caused by the popular John Deere products and an active marketing strategy.                
Around 35 to 40 new tractors find there way to  farmers and contractors every year.
In 1997 a building was purchased across the road of the Factory .

According to the Vervaet Brothers,this was the ideal location for a modern,New Age John Deere Dealership.
After the construction work was done,in 2000,we moved in this new location.


first Hydro Trike
Photo factory 1992

Factory anno 2000 (10.000m2)
LMB at a show Dec.2000

Factory anno 2012

The next (3rd) generation is allready in school,who knows,when they grow up…..