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The Vervaet Universal Spreader

In recent years Vervaet and the French Panien have joined together in a productive partnership that capitalises on both companies' strengths. Vervaet has 25 years' experience with an advanced self-propelled machine, and Panien is a well-known French manufacturer of spreaders and other equipment.

For some time the companies have worked to merge these two premium-quality products into a single formula. The result: the Vervaet Hydro Trike Universal Spreader.

Vervaet builds the self-propelled base machine in its factory, and Panien manufactures the spreader component. These are fitted together in the final stage. The controls of the Panien spreader are fully integrated into the cab of the Vervaet. This means that all functions can be operated via the drive handle, and the Hydro Trike standard Touch Screen monitor is equipped with software specially developed for spreading.