New Vervaet Hydro Trike introduced!!

New Vervaet Hydro Trike introduced!!

Friday night June the 12th, During a spectacular show with lots of clients, the new Hydro Trike  has been presented! The main aspects in a row: The main changes include:

·         Euro 6 motor DAF MX340 (465hp) (meets Tier4 Final norm)

·         16 or 20 m3 (3 or 5 wheels)

·         Big Side by Side radiator and intercooler on the side with the possibility to spin backwards

·         900 gallons fueltank

·         An even better reachability of the vital parts

·         Modular build (same frame, slurryunit, axles and power-unit for both the 3- and 5-wheeler)

·         New polyester designed bodywork

·         New Touchscreen in cab

·         Etc.


Of course, we are at your service anytime to give further information. Don’t hesitate to contact us!